We recently added 2 livestock guardian puppies to our farm.  We have high pressure from coyotes and last lambing season neighbors lost upwards for 16 sheep.  We have been lucky and haven’t lost any lambs yet and are hoping to keep it that way.

The puppies are incredible calm and already are “friends” with the sheep.  They do a good job of patrolling the perimeter and watching the sky for hawks.  Sometimes they are purely puppies still.  They had one slip up where they killed and ate a chicken in the coop but seem to be very open to correction and they are quickly learning to leave the chickens alone.  Chickens are so easy to chase.  Sometimes I find myself running after them barking before I gather my senses back.

The names chosen are Boomrock and Claudette.  So it goes (to quote Kurt Vonnegut).

We are pleased with the addition and can’t wait to see how they turn out.  I am eager to introduce them to the lambs that will be coming in February.  Crossing fingers for gentle meetings.