Winter has set in on Limping Duck Farm.

A lot has happened over the past few months.  Our piglets have grown, we have added 2 livestock guardian pups to our menagerie, we gained a sow named Fossey, but the biggest news is the passing of our “limping duck”.

The following is her obituary.

Limping Duck joined our flock some time in the past.  She was black and white and was the proud mother of our first ducklings hatched naturally at Limping Duck Farm.  It was during the brooding period of said ducklings that 1984-esque pigs savagely broke into the coop and tried to eat the ducklings.  Never one to avoid danger, Limping Duck quickly assessed the risk, came up with a battle plan and saved her ducklings.  She never walked to same after that day.

Her ducklings grew up and left their mother behind, quickly waddling around the field with no thought of helping their mother.  The ungrateful wretches don’t know how privileged they are.  Typical.

In her last few days she was barely able to walk around the field so we made the decision to “pull the plug”.  Her death was quick and hopefully painless.

We will all miss philosophizing with her while she preened and splashed in the wading pool.  Watching her bobbing head while she grunted her greetings to the other ducks.  She is everything that we here at Limping Duck Farm aspire to be.  Minus the pooping all over our own beds, gracelessly hunting slugs, and broken body.

You can see her in the background of this picture.  She was never one to hog the spotlight.img_4430