Lambing is over here at Limping Duck Farm.  Two ewes had twins, two had singles.  ALL of the lambs are VERY cute.  Our last ewe finished lambing about an hour ago and I am amazed at how strong lambs are.  They are up and walking around, stumbling, looking for milk…Makes me wonder why we have babies that can’t even hold their heads up for weeks after their birth.  What is the advantage to that?  I know there must be a reason and I know google would probably tell me….but I don’t care that much.  I mean, I could literally google it while I am making this blog post….But I won’t.

One ewe lambed last night and today was still having trouble pushing out the after birth.  She was straining hard and then started shaking and sitting with her eyes half closed.  I googled away to get information about after birth and healthy ewes.  Side note – I think I can consider myself a real farmer now, I actually ate my runny eggs while looking at photos of sheep vulvas and after birth.  I couldn’t get a hold of our regular vet so I had to reach out to another.  He came and gave her antibiotics for her fever and oxytocin to help her push out the rest of the after birth.  My favorite part of his visit was when he said, “I guess it’s spring.”  I am grateful that we have not one but multiple vets that will come to you when needed.

We ended up with 6 lambs – 3 boys, 3 girls.  These ones are mostly brown and white spotted but 2 are pure white and one is the most gorgeous brown with a white diamond on it’s head.  The new guardian dogs did great during lambing today and patiently watched from a respectful distance.  If only all women had that same treatment by the humans in their lives.  However, I am sure that no people have ever fought Lady-and-the-Tramp-spaghetti-scene style over who was going to eat afterbirth…maybe those ladies that make shakes out of their placenta?  Probably not.

This went off track.