Today I finally started my greenhouse project.  I have exploited my hoarder instinct over the past few months and gathered windows that others have cast aside.  I have stored these lovingly and gazed at them with expectation. Today was the day I started to build a greenhouse.  Today was the day that those windows transformed into a house of green.

Or so i thought.  I got the railroad ties (another free score) dug in and semi level – the base that will be the foundation to my greenhouse.  I got 2 4×4’s upright and one window placed and screwed in between those 2 4×4’s.  As per usual, the project is bigger than I have convinced myself that it is.  Even though I had moved these windows before, I had some help.  Moving and loading windows into the truck solo is kind of hard, especially when you are barely grazing 5’3″.  I also “mopped myself into a corner” by stacking windows in the truck bed with no escape route.  I had to jump from the side instead of from the more forgiving tail gate.  My knees said, “no way, bud.”

Back to the title.  Every time I go to the hardware store and turn down a certain aisle, there is a man there that I dread running into.  I almost always am looking for something specific (often while trying to keep 2 kids from tearing apart the boxes of screws and washers) but he always seems to find me and ask me what I am looking for.  One time he asked if I needed help, I said, “no, just looking for screws.”  He apparently thought that I meant, “yes, just looking for screws.”  I was standing in front of a wall of screws.  I happened to be standing right in front of the stainless steel screws.  He told me that I couldn’t afford those.  I said, “I don’t think you know what I can afford.  I will buy the whole goddamn store.”  Not really, but I thought that and then I looked at the price and realized that I could not afford the stainless steel screws.  I bought a small box anyway.  (Who is the real winner there?  Out of spite I ended up paying part of his salary).

There have been several other occasions that I have exhaled with frustration at having to justify my being in this special aisle to this man.

BUT TODAY WAS DIFFERENT.  He started the same, “Do you need any help?”  I replied with my typical, “no, thanks.”  He lingered as per usual.  But then he just chatted with me and gave me some great advice.  He had built a greenhouse before in the same manner that I was starting.  Camaraderie ensued until I just literally could not waste any more of my “free time” with this man.  I had other aisle to wander and stare at.