Even though the winter weather is relentless, I plod along pretending spring is coming.  However, I did finally wear a rain jacket the other day to walk down the driveway to pick up the big Kindergartner.

I finished building a greenhouse this week from scavenged materials.  Old 4X4’s, slimy windows, some railroad ties, and whatever scrap wood that I had laying around.  I did have to buy 4 pieces of plastic corrugated roofing though.  Not proud of that.

This project took me much longer than I had anticipated, I broke my 4 foot level, and it gave me a concussion.  My head is still scabby and bruised from the drill falling from the top of a ladder.  I am often reminded about just how dumb I can be.  I was feeling pretty proud of myself for figuring out another problem earlier in the week so the universe needed me to be brought back down to reality.  The reality where I am dumb enough to give myself a concussion with a battery operated drill.

Luckily, the husband was home so I could rely on him to tell me if I needed stitches for the old brain box.  He was useless with that so he took me to the clinic so that a nurse could look instead.  No stitches needed but mild concussion.  One of the symptoms “to look out for” was surliness.  I took liberties with that.

The greenhouse is done now and just needs some shelves and some plants.  But for now, it is serving as a birthing suite for my sow Fossey.  She is due in 3 days and I am excited to see the little piglets running around.

These pictures are some glamour shots of Fossey (I felt she needed a “me day”).