Today was a day that I thought I would get a lot of work done – in my paying job.  My hours of free time got eaten up by other commitments.  After lunch and settling the boy into watching a movie I went out to trim the rams hooves….my most dreaded job.

He is nice enough but he has his boundaries.  And one of those boundaries is getting wrestled to the ground by me for his hoof trim.  He is probably around 200 pounds and at one point he had me off the ground before he flung me to it.  But never the less, she persisted.

I got the first 2 hooves trimmed and then he decided that was enough.  All four feet kicking at me until he got them under him again.  One more long battle and he was down again.  I finished the other hooves and let him go graze in the neighbors field.  He seems to have forgotten about the afternoon incident.

As I shut the gate to the field I noticed some feathers around the dogs mouth.  About 30 feet away I saw a chicken and a pile of feathers.  So it goes.  Dinner was decided.

After a delicious chicken dinner, I found time to do some of my paid work.  I also found time to watch the sheep graze in the next door pasture while the sun shined down on me and the sky was full of dark clouds.  There was also time to learn about what is happening in kindergarten, to get yelled at about the merits of lids on cups by someone shorter than 3 feet tall, to have a phone call with my mom, and to watch an inspiring video from 500 women scientist.  Spoiler:  It’s all T and A.