We recently had our breeding stock evaluated by the American KuneKune Pig Registry.  I was a nervous wreck before she came.  But Lori from AKPR made it easy and relaxed.

A total of 5 farms came together to bring her up to the PNW to evaluate all of our herds.  She watched them walk around, counted nipples, checked out their personalities among other things and then compiled all of the scores for us.  I am proud to say that our pigs did very, very well.  We have a herd average of 97%!

Old Newton scored 97/100, Fossey and Hopper got 90/100 and 91/100.  The big news is that 5 of their piglets scored 97-99!  We are going to retain one of the boars that scored a 99/100 to become one of our breeders.  We have 2 gilts for sale that each scored really well.

One of my favorite pigs from Fossey only scored an 84.  I knew that she wouldn’t score well but she is the most gentle and funniest pig that we have.  I think we are going to keep her as a pet.  So there you have it.  Our pigs are awesome and you should buy some.